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Individualized Academic Advisement 

Whether it is a degree from a university, college, trade school or experience from an internship or on-the job training, your future requires informed educational options and career choices.  

Explore exciting career possibilities with the help of the latest interest and skill survey tools, and receive an individualized interpretation of your career exploration results.

The essential ground laying necessary in reaching your career aspirations is successful planning and course scheduling while in high school. Together, we will develop a customized educational plan based on your future goals.

 ACT / SAT Test Preparation      

One of the major factors in college and university admission is your score on the SAT or ACT standardized tests.  

Resources available include test taking preparation for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT standardized tests.  Included in the resources are practice tests, review of math/verbal/writing skills (including the new essay requirement), development of positive thinking strategies, guessing and timing techniques, as well as avoidance of common errors.  
College Application Assistance

The college application is the single document representing who you are, everything you have achieved, and who you aspire to become. It is imperative that you have an impact on the admission committee.  The application is the tool that must make the impact.

Resources will help you maximize your strengths with transcripts, deadlines, brag sheets, resumes, portfolios, and letters of recommendation. 
College Admission Essay Assistance

The admission essay is also referred to as the personal statement. This essay is your opportunity to come alive as an individual on the written page ready to make a contribution to the institution and the world.  This is where the admission officer picks up on your ability to communicate your uniqueness.

Resources are available which will aid the student in creating an effective college admission essay. 
Interview Preparation 

The applicant interview is required for admission to certain colleges and universities and required of perspective job applicants.  It is essential that the applicant can sell herself/himself as the person that has the skill set to not only do the job, but bring to the workplace or institution the ability to make a positive contribution to the company or educational setting.

Available resources will provide you with the methods and skills necessary for successful interviewing with college admission officers or human resource officers of a company. 
Resume Writing Assistance

A concise, polished resume is an excellent marketing tool. This item is just as, if not more, important as the interview.

This resume will need to emphasize the applicant's educational experience, goals, areas of strength, employment, volunteer experience and more. Most students and their parents are extremely surprised with the resources that are available to create a finished product. 
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College Recruitment / NCAA Registration 

Resources for College Sports Recruitment service is available.

All prospective NCAA student athletes must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse and meet the NCAA Clearinghouse's eligibility requirements, if they intend to compete and practice, or receive financial aid, as an athlete at an NCAA Division I or II collegiate institution.

The NCAA Eligibility Center will certify the academic and amateur credentials of all college- bound student athletes who wish to compete in NCAA Division I or II athletics.
Financial Aide Process 

The costs of higher education continue to increase at a rate that far exceeds the rate of inflation. According to resources, as of the fall semester of 2016, it was reported in U.S. News and Report that the average cost of a 4-year college education is currently ranging between $60,000 and $220,000.

To qualify for most of the available scholarships, grants and loans, you and your parents must first complete and submit a federal form known as the FAFSA. This acronym stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
Internships / Apprenticeships

Certain post secondary careers, including both vocational and professional careers, require the completion of an apprenticeship in fulfilling graduation requirements.  

Students use an age-old, tried-and-true method of an internship or apprenticeship, working alongside an experienced professional or master of a trade.
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